Autofry Auto Fry MTI-10 Ventless Automatic Fryer - WORKS GREAT!



No Hoods? No Vents? No Problem!®

The MTI-10X is capable of producing up-to 4 pounds of product per fry-cycle. With an oil capacity of 2.75 gallons, you can fry approximately 30-60 lbs of French fries per hour, with just the push of a button! 

Fully enclosed and automated, the AutoFry MTI-10X keeps employees safe from the enclosed cooking chamber while preparing the food product to perfection each and every time.The AutoFry model MTI-10 is available in X, XL and XL3 versions allowing you to customize the electrical specifications to meet your needs. MTI’s proprietary Simplifry™ technology offers multiple programmable pre-sets, standby mode and heat/time compensation intelligence.