Blodgett KTT-12E 12 Gallon Countertop Tilting Electric Steam Jacketed Kettle - 240V, 1 Phase, 12 kW.



Blodgett KTT-12E 240V/1Ph Details.

Increase your production capabilities while saving energy and labor with this Blodgett KTT-12E 12 gallon countertop tilting electric steam jacketed kettle. Designed with a closed, self-contained steam system, this unit only requires an electrical connection rather than a direct steam line. Its large 12 gallon capacity allows you to prepare large batches of your signature soups, stews, or pasta without the hassle of ranges or stock pots. As a countertop model, this kettle lets you expand your cooking equipment lineup without taking up valuable floor space.

This unit has manual controls that let you precisely control the temperature between 165 and 285 degrees Fahrenheit, and thanks to its 2/3 jacketed design this kettle has 1-2 times more heat transfer surface area than a traditional stock pot. This means you'll have faster heat-up and cook times, which increases overall efficiency and production. Other features that help keep your kitchen running smoothly include the thermostat, cook indicator light, pressure gauge, and power switch.

This kettle is manufactured with a type 304 stainless steel exterior and a type 316 stainless steel interior cooking surface that are highly stain- and corrosion-resistant. This allows much easier cleaning and maintenance of the cooking and exterior surfaces. The Clean Lock control setting holds the kettle in cooking position or at 105 degrees during cleaning, and the elements are removable to simplify maintenance.

With more even heating, there is less need for frequent stirring or "pot watching." The hemispherical bottom ensures superior heat circulation, which helps keep the heat inside the kettle and prevents energy from being lost to the surrounding kitchen area.

The tilting mechanism allows this unit to tilt forward past 90 degrees so that you can empty the contents with ease. The tilt handle is removable and the heat proof knob helps prevent employee injuries. Additional safety features include a safety valve, low water light, and a low water shut-off that prevents use if the sealed kettle jacket loses water.

This countertop kettle has concealed mounting lugs that allow it to be securely mounted to the counter. It requires a 240V, 1 phase electrical connection.

Wide : 26 1/4" x Front to Back : 17 1/4" x Heights : 28"
Capacity: 12 gallons