Cafection Encore 29 Fully Automatic Coffee Brewer - Touch Screen !!!




This is a must see in person item!

You're welcome to come and inspect.  Have a freshly prepare beverage while you're here. 

Large touch screen display.  Fully automatic. 

It has 3 different coffee bean option, powdered milk and 2 other powder options.

We currently have it setup with 3 beans, milk powder, hot chocolate and french vanilla.

Comes with the stand.

This unit is currently hooked up and operating until sold. 

The information below is from the factory website.

Cafection has developed new parts and components to simplify your maintenance activities as well as to optimize the cleaning procedure. And, after hundreds of successful performance tests, the Encore 29 is more robust and reliable than ever!


This environmentally friendly brewer is now NSF-4 certified and NAMA Listed. In an effort to meet sanitation and security concerns needed in the foodservice industry, our team enhanced the Encore 29 to meet the specifications required to obtain this demanding NSF standard. Essentially, the NSF-4 certification means that the Encore 29 is a safe, secure, and easy-to-use coffee machine. Its 29 inches height makes the Encore 29 easy to maintain and its 4 inches tall legs help keeping the area clean and tidy.


Compact does not mean compromise. That is why this high quality coffee machine offers a choice of three coffee beans and three soluble products. With close to a hundred of beverage combinations, the finest gourmets will be satisfied.


The Encore 29 is equipped with a high definition 18.5 inches touchscreen, perfect to promote your products and services! Log in to Sophia – Global Management System and push promo and corporate videos remotely to all your coffee brewers.


The new Encore 29 is the compact bean to cup coffee machine your clients were waiting for!