CMA 44" conveyor dishwasher with booster - Works great!



CMA 44" conveyor dishwasher with booster - Works great!

Boost productivity and efficiency in your dish room with this CMA EST-44 high temperature conveyor dishwasher! Designed for high-output applications, this dish machine moves racks of soiled dishware and glassware along a conveyor, and utilizes wash, power-rinse, and final rinse stages to ensure clean results. This system lets it handle up to 243 racks per hour, while using only 0.49 gallons of water per rack. An auto start / stop feature takes all the guesswork out of operation, and it also boasts an automatic soil purging system that filters debris into a removable, external tray.

- 3 stage washing process with wash, power rinse, and final rinse

- All stainless steel construction

- 12.75 kW wash tank heater; 3 kW rinse tank heater

- Automatic soil purging system

- Curtains easy to remove / replace for easy cleaning

- Auto start / stop