Cres Cor H1381834 Full Size Insulated Hot Food Holding Cabinet 120V



Cres Cor H1381834  Full Size Insulated Hot Food Warmer Holding Cabinet 120V​. 2000 watts.
Serial number: Unknown
Very Good Working Condition​!!
used equipment has small ding or scratches or not. 

Works Good with testing lics
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Made in U.S.A

Insulated Full Size Stainless Steel Hot Cabinet

Product Features

  • Fully insulated Full size hot cabinet keeps prepared foods at serving temperatures.
  • Powerful, yet efficient, 2000 Watt heating system maintains the right temperature to properly hold products. Heats up to 170°F. (77°C.).
  • Standard solid state electronic control with large, clear, easy-to-read and operate LED digital display to ensure precise food temperature.
  • Internal frame in body maintains structural rigidity.
  • Stainless steel construction throughout for ease of cleaning. One piece extended base protects cabinet body.
  • Smooth interior coved corners prevent food particle/grease buildup.
  • Field reversible insulated door prevents temperature loss; silicone door gasket for proper seal.
  • Safety-conscious anti-microbial latch protects against spreading germs.
  • Standard with right hand hinging; left hand hinging available upon request.
  • High temperature ceramic magnetic latch for "easy open"ќ; twist-lock catch secures door during transport. 
  • Recessed push/pull handle on both sides prevents damage to walls; allows easy maneuvering.
  • Heavy duty 5" swivel casters, two with brakes. Provides mobility when fully loaded.
Overall Dimensions:
Width: 27" x Depth: 34.5" x Height (including casters):74"