FLAT Tech Equalizers 1/4"-20 Thread Black Table Leveler - 4/Pack



Eliminate wobbly tables with this innovative Flat Tech Equalizers 1/4"-20 thread black table leveler. The Equalizer is made of reinforced plastic that houses a 1/4"-20 stainless steel thread, allowing it to be installed onto most table bases with existing screw-in feet.

To install, simply remove the existing feet from your table bases and replace them with Equalizers. Each leveler installs in seconds without any required tools. Get this leveler to ensure a smooth, flawless guest experience.

Stabilizes Wobbly Tables

Exceeding international standards for stability, strength, durability, and safety, this table leveler creates a more enjoyable dining area for your guests by eliminating the distraction of a wobbly table. Let your guests appreciate the lovely decor and food without being distracted by wobbly tables.

Align Multiple Tables

It can also be used to align tables together. Simply tilt or lift a table top in the direction of an adjoining top. The feet will adjust to create a perfectly aligned surface, making it great for large parties that require multiple tables to be pushed together.

Prevent Spills

This leveler is sure to help prevent customer complaints and accidental spills that may be caused by uneven table surfaces.

Adjusts 1/4"

The leveler adjusts up to 1/4" to provide the exact height you need to stabilize your table and can fit onto any leg or base with existing 1/4" - 20 thread.

Durable Construction

The leveler is made of reinforced plastic whose sealed system prevents clogging, damage and malfunction. The thread compresses into the foot and automatically activates the hydraulic stabilization technology within. Additionally, it is impact and corrosion resistant, guaranteeing use for years to come.