Follett SG1475S-60 Upright Ice Storage Bin with SmartGATE - 1490 lb



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Follett Corporation SG1475S-60 Details

Designed for safer and more sanitary ice access, the Follett SG1475S-60 upright ice storage bin with SmartGATE is perfect for a variety of applications. This bin can hold up to 1490 lb. of ice and is compatible with cube, flake, or Chewblet ice. It is great for holding ice in supermarkets or restaurants where you need a medium amount on hand at any time.

This model has a special SmartGATE ice shield design that controls the flow of ice. It helps to reduce spills and limit contact with the ice for more sanitary storage. The control locks into three positions and easily returns to the full down position even when your ice bin is completely full. Another benefit of the SmartGATE system is that it provides better access to break up ice that has frozen together. It also eliminates bending into the bin for safer ice scooping.

As an upright ice storage bin, this model dispenses the ice using a first in, first out method. This way, your staff will always scoop out the oldest ice first rather than allowing it to rest in the bottom of the bin indefinitely. By always taking the oldest ice out, your supply will stay fresher!

For easy access to your supply of freshly-made ice, this model has a single door with a heavy-duty, stay-open PowerHinge design. With this door, your workers can easily open it and close it with just one hand. There are no door catches to release so staff can quickly scoop out the ice that they need and then move on to their other work. So that your workers can keep an eye on ice levels, this model comes with an upper inspection window that slides open.

For outstanding durability, this ice bin has a full stainless steel bin exterior. Stainless steel stands up to harsh conditions in a kitchen and resists corrosion in damp back-of-house areas. The inside of the bin features a corrosion-resistant poly liner and the top is made of durable ABS plastic. Made for easy installation, this bin comes fully assembled except for the legs.


Overall Dimensions:
Width: 60" x Depth: 39" x Height: 62"
Maximum Ice Capacity: 1490 lb.

Follett SG1475S-60 Specifications