Giles OVH-10 36" Ventless Hood for Electric Ovens w/ 3 Stage Filtration



The Giles OVH-10 ventless hood is designed for use with small to medium electric ovens. Suitable for conveyor, convection, pizza, roaster, or rotisserie ovens, this oven hood is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel. Because of the ventless function, it can be installed without modifications to existing ductwork or a dedicated ventilation system, enabling users to install this ventless hood in areas where ventilation modifications are prohibited or impossible. With the compact design, it is good for areas without much room, such as food courts, gas stations, and quick service restaurants. It does not come with a built-in fire suppression system though a matching system can be added.

The Giles OVH-10 ventless electric oven hood is built with a three-stage air cleaning system, and the stainless steel mesh baffle filter traps larger grease particles from the air. An electrostatic cleaner magnetically attracts fine grease particulate, and if it becomes dirty or clogged, the electrostatic air cleaner can be removed and soaked to clean. Eliminating lingering odors from the filtered air, the disposable charcoal filter can be replaced as necessary to ensure continued performance. The built-in exhaust air diverter enables this hood to be used in areas with reduced overhead clearance.

Product Details

  • Compact design for smaller kitchens and kiosks
  • Suitable for use with electric ovens such as pizza, rotisserie, convection, or conveyor ovens
  • Can be safely installed and operated with no ductwork modifications
  • Ventless recirculating hood is designed with 3-stage air cleaning system to remove particulates and odors
  • Stainless steel baffle filter removes large particles
  • Removable electrostatic air cleaner traps small particles and can be cleaned if needed
  • Disposable carbon filter eliminates offensive smells and can be replaced to ensure ongoing odor control
  • Built-in appliance interlock
  • Hinged filter access door opens smoothly
  • Exhaust air diverter ensures the unit is compatible with low ceiling clearance
  • Push-to-start power switch
  • Matching filters are included
  • The electrostatic air cleaner can be removed and cleaned in the included soaking tank
  • Optional fire suppression system can be added if desired
  • Only safe for use with electrical ovens
  • This hood is not safe for use with NG or LP powered ovens