Hobart CE10FD Full Size Boilerless Electric Combi Oven



Hobart CE10FD Full Size Commercial Boilerless Electric Combi Oven Tested Works Good  with Live pictures

Hobart CE10FD Full Size Commercial Boilerless Electric Combi Oven

Using HobartG+ç+ûs convenient programmable recipe function and barcode-scanner, you can easily maintain consistency from dish to dish. For products with barcodes, just set your recipes G+ç+¦ combinations of the ideal humidity, temperature, and fan settings G+ç+¦ and scan the barcodes again and again to recreate the ideal preparation conditions. Right now, Hobart is the only manufacturer offering this feature.

Catering businesses, institutions, and upscale restaurants may benefit particularly from adding a Hobart combi oven. These ovens make sense in other settings, though, as well. Any establishment interested in cutting down on equipment, maintaining product consistency, and saving on energy stands to benefit.

How the Hobart Combi Oven Works

Using both steam and convection in the same dish may increase your versatility in the kitchen and improve the quality of your menu. It could also help you add more healthy choices to your line-up.

Oil-less French fries are a great example of how commercial combi ovens work. To make these, you start by steaming your fries in the oven. Once the soft centers are cooked through, pull down the humidity. Switching to convection cooking allows you to crisp the fries on the outside. The result is great tasting, low-fat fries, no fryer required. The steam-convection combination is also great for pasta, and other dishes that taste great with moisture retained inside and crispiness on the outside.