Keating 36x30FLD Front Trough Gas MIRACLEAN 36" Gas Griddle 90,000 BTU



100% customer satisfaction
Saves 44% in clean up
Cooler kitchen
Uniform heat distribution allows you to cook at lower temperatures, reducing shrinkage
Saves 32% in energy costs
Reduced flavor transfer
Zoned temperature control
No electrical connections needed
BTU/hr. NG: 90,000
Burners: 3
T-Stats: 2
Width: 36 1/2"
Depth: 30 5/8"
Height: 18"
Working Height: 12"
Plate Size: 36" W x 24" D
Weight: 420 lbs.


4" Legs
Stand, or Stand with Shelf and Casters
Cutting Board (Stainless or Richlite)
Plate Shelf
Thermostat Knob Guard
Belly Bar
Streaked Surface
Custom Griddle Styles or Configurations
Security Package

operator. The mirror surface is achieved in a special eight step process. High input burners rated at 30,000 BTU/hr. for natural gas are mounted every 12" to ensure performance and recovery allowing the operator to use zone cooking for different products.

Saves on energy costs
Documented energy savings of 32% by Pacifi c Gas & Electric means dollar savings of up to $400 per year in energy costs on a 36" model. The MIRACLEAN®surface also reduces radiated heat loss to less than 10% of a conventional steel plate griddle. By keeping heat on the surface and out of the kitchen, the MIRACLEAN®Griddle reduces air conditioning demands and gives the chef a cooler cooking environment.

Reduces flavor transfer
The smooth MIRACLEAN® surface prevents food particles from being trapped as they are in steel plate griddles. The surface virtually eliminates flavor transfer.

Saves 44% in clean up
A documented study by the University of Illinois General Engineering department confirmed what has long been know by MIRACLEAN®operators - cleaning the MIRACLEAN saves time! 44% savings means less labor cost and high productivity. Cleaning a 36" MIRACLEAN versus a conventional steel plate model 3x daily would mean savings of $2,600 over the life of the unit. Cleaning the surface takes 3 easy steps:
1. scrape with the Keating scraper
2. wash with a Keating palmetto brush and water
3. polish with Keating Klenzer and a damp cloth
No more griddle bricks, grill screens or harsh chemicals needed, and reseasoning the plate is not necessary.

Accurate temperature control
MIRACLEAN®Griddles feature zoned temperature control to ensure temperature accuracy in cooking. The MIRACLEAN surface allows the operator to cook at lower temperatures to control the degree of carmelization and product shrinkage.