Lincoln 1130-000-U Double Deck Impinger II Express Electric Conveyor Ovens



The Impinger II Express is designed for applications where demand is high and floor space is limited. The 1130-000-U Lincoln Impinger II Express Electric Conveyor Oven is one of its 1100 Series. The 18 in. wide conveyor belt and 28 in. wide baking chamber give this oven the capacity of one to two full-size deck ovens. Plus, the Impinger II oven can be stacked two high for maximum capacity and flexibility. Choose quantity of 2 for double stack of ovens. This is an electric baking/finishing oven which is self-contained and conveyorized. Temperature is adjustable for 250°F (121°C) to 575°F (302°C). Conveyor speed is reversible and adjustable from 1 minute to 30 minutes cooking time. FastBake Technology reduces cook time by up to an additional 35% with no food quality loss or noise increase. Front door is solid with an access opening to allow product to be placed on the moving conveyor inside the baking chamber when a shorter cook cycle is desired. Air distribution fingers are removable through the front door for easy cleaning. Crumb pans are located below the conveyor belt outside the baking chamber. 


  • Faster bake times improve time of service
  • Advanced Air Impingement Technology enhances bake quality and uniformity 
  • Optional FastBake™ Technology reduces bake time 15-30%
  • Front removable conveyor for improved cleaning in tight spaces
  • Improved product flow during cooking reduces operation costs
  • Research and Applications support for continued operational success
  • Welbilt Star service is committed to ongoing customer satisfaction
  • No need for expensive, noisy, energy consuming ventilation systems (ventless models only)

Standard Features:

  • Stackable up to three (3) oven cavities high.
  • 18” (457 mm) wide, 56” (1422 mm) long conveyor belt with product stop.
  • 28” (711 mm) baking chamber.
  • Temperature adjustable from 250°F (121°C) to 575°F (302°C).
  • Conveyor speed is adjustable from one (1) minute to thirty (30) minutes cooking time.
  • Front-loading access door with cool handle.
  • Customer-specific setups give customer great results.
  • Direct conveyor drive is powered by an AC motor.
  • Stainless Steel top, front and sides.