Meiko DV 80.2 High Temp Door Type Dishwasher w/ Built-In Booster, 208 230V / 3ph



Washes as many as 61 racks per hour
Uses only 0.74 gallons of water per rack
Heat-insulated double wall design contributes to energy efficiency and maintains lower ambient kitchen temperatures
Constructed with rugged 304 and 316 stainless steel to resist corrosion in wet environments
Built-in booster heater raises incoming water temperature to 180 degrees F for hot water sanitation
Auto Safe temperature control ensures sanitizing water has reached the appropriate temperature before sanitizing cycle begins
Active Plus filtration system removes food soil from wash water to ensure dishes are thoroughly cleaned
Wash pump with Soft Start feature starts up gradually to avoid chipping or breaking glassware
Aqua Stop system monitors for leaks and stops machine if one is detected
Power rinse pump ensures final cycle rinses dishes thoroughly
Pumped drain allows machine to be connected to either a wall or floor drain
Type A air gap eliminates the need for a vacuum breaker
Detergent and rinse aid ports are easy to access to install chemical dispensers
Wash chamber is rinsed when machine is shut down to maintain a cleaner interior
Non-clogging rinse arms are made of rugged stainless steel
Sloped ceiling helps prevent condensation from dripping onto user and floors
Field-convertible from straight-through to corner design
1-HP wash pump
208-230 V/60 Hz/3 ph