Metro C5U5-NFA Hot and Cold Non-Powered Insulated Transport Holding Cabinet



Metro C5 U-Series Hot or Cold Insulated Transport Cabinet
• Insulation: 2.5" thick, full perimeter fiberglass insulation for maximum temperature retention during transport
• Material: Institutional grade, double wall sheet metal construction. Available in Type 304 stainless steel or .063" Aluminum.
• Door: Solid, fully insulated double-panel construction. High strength magnetic flush/twist locking latch to keep door securely closed during transport.
• Mobility: Built-in pocket handles on all four corners of cabinet and four 5" swivel casters for improved maneuverability and handling.
• Capacity: Two slide systems and generous interior provide flexibility and maximize pan capacity.
• Universal Slides: Hold 18"x26" sheet pans, 12"x20" steam pans, GN pans, or 14"x18" trays. Adjustable on 11/2" increments.
• Fixed Slides: Exclusively hold 12”x20” steam pans or GN pans. Fixed 1 1 / 2” spacing. • Dimensions: C5 U-Series cabinets are available in half height (40.82").


Cabinet Material: Type 304 stainless steel; 20-gauge polished exterior; 22-gauge interior, or .063" aluminum, brushed exterior, natural interior. • Insulation: Full perimeter, 2.5" thick, high-density fiberglass. R Value=9.9 • Casters: Four casters with 5" donut neoprene wheel, double ball bearing swivel, ball bearing axle, nickel plated, two with brake. • Doors: Fully insulated, welded double-panel construction. Type 304 stainless steel or aluminum. • Hinges: Self-closing, lift-off, double hinged, with long-life nylon bearings. • Gaskets: High temperature, cabinet mounted, Santoprene gaskets. • Door Latch: Flush, twist-locking, high-strength magnetic pull latch with lever-action release to keep door securely closed during transport. Chrome plated. • Handles: Four built-in polymer handles. • Slides: Universal wire slides are nickel-chrome plated, adjustable on 1.5" (38mm) increments, and hold 18"x26" (457x660mm) sheet pans, 12"x20" (305x508mm) steam pans, or GN pans. Fixed lip load slides are extruded aluminum, spaced on 1.5" (38mm) increments, and hold 12"x20" (305x508mm) steam pans, or GN pans. • Reliability: Reliability and durability are designed into C5 from the ground up. High-quality components and robust construction provide a long life of service and worry-free use.

WIDTH: 29" x DEPTH: 38" x HEIGHT: 43"
on casters