NU-VU SUB-123 Double Deck Electric Oven Proofer Combo 240V 3Ph AAA Excellent



( From Subway ).

Combine the proofing and baking process into one machine with the NU-VU SUB-123 double deck electric oven proofer combo! Start by proofing your products in a cavity that features separate easy-to-use timers for optimum control over the rising process. Once proofing is finished, easily move the pans to the oven, where the patented V-Air fan system distributes controlled, heated air evenly to help you bake faster and more consistently! This stacked unit will hold 9 full size (18" x 26") sheet pans in the proofer and 3 sheet pans in the oven, which reaches a temperature up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

- Separate, easy-to-use timers in proofer and oven

- Overflow drain and pan

- Proofer holds 9 full size (18" x 26") sheet pans - Oven holds 3 full size sheet pans

- 3 1/2" proofer shelf spacing; 4" oven shelf spacing

- Oven temperature up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit

- Cool-to-the-touch double pane doors; Field reversible doors

- Stainless steel interior and exterior

- Fully insulated

- 5.1 kW

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 36 1/8"x Front to Back: 28 5/8" x Height: 77 3/4"