New Pitco VF-65-NAT Solstice Nat Gas 65 lb. Stainless Steel Floor Fryer 95,000 BTU



Brand new floor model special!

Touted as the first value priced, energy efficient fryer, this Pitco VF-65S-NAT Solstice gas floor fryer is the perfect way to meet your restaurant's fried food demands with ease while being energy efficient! With an oil capacity of 65 lb., the fryer will not only keep up with customer demands on your busiest evenings, but will use less liquid propane than other fryers at the same production rate. The patented Solstice burner technology provides the dependable heat transfer necessary to cook a wide variety of food products, effectively boosting cooking production and lowering flue temperature. This fryer comes standard with a high temperature safety limit switch, which further ensures safety for you and your employees as it prevents the fryer from becoming hotter than desired by shutting off the gas flow if it reaches unsafe temperatures.

This stainless steel, tube-style fryer includes a rack to catch crumbs and debris, making it both efficient and easy to clean. The 1 1/4" NPT drain valve allows for fast draining and the unit comes with a drain extension and drain line clean out rod. As an added benefit, the flue is specially designed to prevent blockages and maintain a cooler temperature. To simplify use, the integrated gas control valve serves multiple functions, such as acting as the pressure regulator, gas filter, and automatic main and pilot valves.

This 95,000 BTU fryer comes with 2 twin baskets and a basket hanger that can be removed without tools. The welded tank is constructed with easy cleaning in mind, as the finish is extra smooth and perfect for quick wipe-downs. The unit's front, door, and sides are made of a durable, sleek stainless steel. It requires natural gas for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 19 5/8"
Front to Back: 34"
Height: 52 1/4"
Frying Area: 18" x 17 11/32" x 4"
Capacity: 65 lb.