Urschel G-A USDA Dicer Slicer Cutter Chopper Processor 22,000 lbs/hr Extra Parts



Urschel Model GA, Stainless steel, compact dicer rated up to 22,000 lbs per hour – depending on materials and application. Accepts up to 5-1/2" OD product and utilizes slice, crosscut, and circular knifes. Cut thickness: slicing blade 1/8" to 5/8" crosscut knives 9/32" to 3", and circular knives 1/8" to 3", with 15½" Long x 19" Wide x 10½" Deep product hopper, with 2 Hp. Mounted on stainless steel frame.
Change parts required to accommodate different size ranges.

OAD: 46" L x 58" W x 45" H


Cutter Slicer Chopper Processor is a classification of equipment that is used to size reduce a wide variety of materials. Cutter, slicer, chopper processing operations can be either done in a batch or continuous manner. This operation can cut the material in several directions to achieve the desired effect in size reduction and consistency. Some machinery has specific operations and has this operation classified to meet a specific operation for size reduction such as a mince master.