Bizerba SE12 US Commercial Meat Cheese Deli 13' Slicer Tested Works Good



Bizerba Manual gravity slicer SE12

-Low profile that reduces operator fatigue
-Features wide product carriage for increased capacity
-One-piece anodized aluminum construction
-No seams and large radii
-Large thumb guard for increased protection
-Unique design allows for small end pieces, increased yield
-Produces clean and consistent slices
-Spring-loaded dial ensures correct and consistent sharpening
-Hard blade results in a long-lasting sharp edge and long blade life
-Cord and plug

  • Specifications Blade Diameter: 13".
    Blade Speed: 266 r.p.m.
    Slice Thickness: 0-0.94".
    Product Size (round): 8".
    Product Size (rectangular): 11.6" x 6.4".
    Operating Area: 32.68" x 37".
    Dimensions: 24.6"W x 21.9"D x 17"H.
    Volts: 120. Hertz: 60. Single Phase. Amps: 3.5.