BKI ALF-FC Electric Fryer 208V 3Ph Tested Excellent Conditions New Basket Tested



This large electric auto-lift fryer is designed for simple operation, long life, and medium to high volume. The touchpad controls are easy to use and program for true one-touch cooking. The BKI® ALF-FC fryer cooks up to 14 lb (6.4 kg) of product in one cycle and holds 48 lb (21.8 kg) of oil. Open-vat fryers are perfect for producing extra-crispy exteriors and tender interiors on a variety of fried foods. The auto-lift basket ensures that food is removed from the oil at the precise moment it is completely cooked. It also lifts food out of the vat at the precise moment it is fully cooked to avoid overcooking. Combine this fryer with a BKI hot case and your food will be hot and crispy for hours! The amazing efficiency and fast recovery times of the ALF series electric fryers are realized by the placement of the heating elements completely inside the vat with oil flowing freely around them. The built-in filtration system keeps oil fresh and extends its usable life. This saves you money over the life of the fryer and keeps your food tasting consistent every time. A cold zone in the vat collects breading fall-off, keeping oil fresh and clean. With the push of a button and the twist of a handle, filtering oil is easy and safe. The patented quick-disconnect allows for easy removal of the filtering vat.​

• 14 lb (6.4 kg) product, 48 lb (21.8 kg) oil capacity
• Auto-lift basket for precise cooking
• 3" casters for easy mobility
• Stainless steel construction
• Microprocessor controlled for enhanced cooking capabilities
• Built-in filtration system
• Assembled in USA

Height 39.25" (997 mm)  / crated 58” (1476 mm)
Width 18.5" (470 mm  / crated 27” (687 mm)
Depth 38" (967 mm)  / crated 42” (1069 mm)
Floor Space 6.4 sq ft (.59 sq m)  / crated 7.9 sq ft (.73 sq m)
Weight 265 lb (127 kg)  / crated 280 lb (127 kg)