Hardt Inferno 3500 Electric Rotisserie Works Good 8 Spits Stainless Steel Stand



The Inferno 3500 is ideal for supermarkets and restaurant operators looking to save on labor. Its integrated AutoClean system saves time at the end of the day while still cooking a wide variety of menu items to perfection. Its incredibly low gas consumption, single-rotation drive and single burner design  will further help reduce your operating costs and increase your profit margins as well.

  • AutoClean system saves time and labor

  • Tremendous cooked product quality

  • Electronic controls for easy use

  • Low gas consumption

  • Water resistant shell


minimum clearance to combustibles: • Right side: 12” • Left side: 2” • Back: 2” from chimney • Front: 44” Floor must be made of non-combustible material Minimum supply pressure: • 7” WC for natural gas • 11” WC for propane gas Exhaust ventilation hood with grease filter Type 1 Class A Drain connection can be configured to drain to either a bucket, grease separator or floor drain.

Hardt is the first and only manufacturer in the industry that has the technology to integrate an Auto Clean system in its gas rotisseries. The technologically advanced self-cleaning system will clean the interior of the rotisserie without operators having to remain on site. This allows you to avoid manual cleaning of the rotisserie and save on labor costs while increasing your cooking volumes. The astoundingly low gas consumption will further help reduce your operating costs and increase your profit margins.