Hobart 5801 Commercial Electric Meat Bone Butchers Band Saw Heavy Duty



Model: 5801

Serial Number: 27-1077-010

Approx. Overall Dimensions: 38-1/4″ W x 46″ D (Depth to handle) x 75-1/2″ H

Net Weight: 430.00 lbs

Details: 200-230 V, 60 Hz, Phase 3


Standard Features:

  • Meat, Bone Band saw
  • Ready for heavy loads of sawing of meat and bones
  • Open frame stainless steel construction
  • SIMPLE OPERATION – A single pull-to-start, push-to-stop switch makes Hobart meat saws very simple to operate.
  • STATIONARY CUTTING TABLE – Heavy stainless-steel cutting table for heavy duty use that is easy to clean and saves space.
  • WATER-RESISTANT MOTOR – Designed to run with minimal maintenance, the direct gear drive transmission is just as durable. There are no belts to replace, slip, adjust or break.
  • Direction grain stainless steel
  • Stainless steel top cover
  • Spec sheet – Capacity: Cutting clearance is 15-3/4″ D x 17-1/2″ H x 24″ W