NEW Hobart #CRS66A Fully Automatic High Temperature Dishwasher



■ 202 racks per hour – CRS66A 
■ Opti-RinSe™ system
■ Ball detent clutch conveyor drive mechanism
■ Top mounted controls
■ Stainless steel anti-clogging wash arms
■ Stainless front panel, frame and legs
■ Automatic fill ■ Auto-timer
 ■ Scrap screen and deep basket system
■ Stainless steel self-draining pump and impeller
■ Fixed pump intake screen
■ Door actuated drain closure
■ Door interlock switch on all doors
■ Vent fan control
■ Convertible hot water or low temp final rinse
■ Booster heater control

Dish rack goes right to left