NEW Hobart Steam Hot Water Booster #150-1 - Never Used. (New)



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Note 1: Available electrical specification is 100-120/50/60/1. This voltage range can be powered by all CL models and controls produced since 2006 and all AM models and controls since 1992. If there is a unique need where 240V is still required, the 120V model can be field modified to 240V. Contact Hobart Service for required parts and instructions.

Note 2: Booster sizing based on 20 P.S.I. water flow pressure. Set pressure reducing valve under flow conditions. If a booster capacity larger than 150 is needed, contact the product line

Note 3: All sizes based on 110°F minimum incoming water temperature raised to 185°F (75°F temperature rise). Note 4: Maximum steam pressure 45 P.S.I. Steam boosters are typically connected to the control box. A separate service connection rated at the above electrical specification can be used. Protection device rated at 15 amperes maximum (by others). The steam booster is electrically controlled by means of a manual off-on switch, solid state thermostat and solenoid valve. Included are line strainers and pressure relief valves on both steam and hot water lines, a hot water pressure regulator with pressure gauge and a bucket type steam trap. When operated within the stated range of steam and water pressures the recommended size booster will provide required quantities of final rinse water with machine operating at maximum capacity.