New Server 07070 SE-5DI Server Express 5 Pumps, SS Base & Lid 6 L Cryovac Pouch



The Server 07070 Express™ pump holds and dispenses products from five 11⁄2-gallon pouches. Syrups, sauces, condiments, and relishes can be dispensed with the discharge tube fitting, while gauging collars reduce the 1-ounce maximum portion in increments of 1⁄4 of an ounce. Due to the pumps being made of heavy-duty plastic, they resist minor damage in commercial settings and can be dismantled easily for cleaning in dishwashers. Less than 5 pounds of pressure is required to operate the pump, so it's compliant with ADA standards. For convenient use, this pump can be dropped into countertops.

Product Details

  • Pump 5 products at one time with (5) 07794 Express pumps
  • Holds and pumps from (5) 11⁄2-gal. pouches with 16-mm. fitments
  • Discharge tube fitting enables users to pump syrups, condiments, dressings, and more
  • 1-oz. maximum press portion can be reduced in 1⁄4-oz. increments with gauging collars
  • Heavy-duty plastic pumps' constructions are durable
  • Pumps require less than 5 lbs. of pressure to operate, complying with ADA standards
  • Easily disassemble the pumps for cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Drops into countertops for convenient use
  • Stainless steel base and lid
  • Overall dimensions: 281⁄16 in. W x 133⁄4 in. D x 107⁄16 in. H (H is measured above the countertop)