NEW Vito Fryfilter VITO VL Portable 70 lb. Fryer Oil Filter System - 100-120V



NEW Vito Fryfilter VITO VL Portable 70 lb. Fryer Oil Filter System - 100-120V

Never used.  Out of box.

The VITO VL cleans oil and provides easy and hygienic filtration in the kitchen. Like every VITO oil filter system it provides a microfiltration of the frying zone up to 5 micron. As an additional feature, no chemicals are needed to clean the oil, which preserves the optimal taste of fried dishes. The unique design makes sure it can handle temperatures up to 392°F / 200°C and provides optimal safety at work, since it avoids direct contact with the hot oil. After filtration the oil can be immediately used for frying again.

For Fryers Up to 70 lb.

The VITO VL is for deep fryers with a maximum oil capacity up to 70 lb. / 32l. It's the perfect filtration system for stand-alone gas fryers, cooking centers, and pressure fryers. For high-volume frying, you can use the VITO VL in conjunction with your existing floor model or integrated filtration system to achieve polished oil and even higher oil savings. With this system, you gain multiple benefits, including up to 50% savings on oil cost, an increase in oil quality, less workload around your fryer, more sustainable operation, and a fast return on your investment.

VITOconnect Wi-Fi Remote Tracking

This filter system also is very efficient as it comes with VITOconnect, which allows you to connect the filtration system via Wi-Fi to a web-based cloud, where the kitchen operator can remotely access detailed information about usage, generate reports, and set email notifications and alerts to stay on top of the frying oil management.

High Efficiency

The VITO oil filter system uses cellulose filters. No additives are needed to achieve an effective filtration efficiency of 5 micron.