Pro-Cut KG-22-W Bench Model Electric Meat Grinder #22 Hub 110 Volt 1Hp Excellent




The Pro-Cut KG-22-W 22 grinder has been designed for the ongoing and daily needs of butchers and other small commercial operations 

Practical Design

The Pro-Cut KG-22-W 22 grinder has been designed for the ongoing and daily needs of butchers and other small commercial operations. Its footprint is only 31 x 11.5" so it will not take much space on your counter. The KG-22-W meat grinder offers unbeatable ease of cleaning and sanitation thanks to its 100% polished food grade stainless steel cabinet. All parts in contact with food are easily accessible and readily removable for convenient cleaning without the use of tools.

Robust Construction

This grinder design is attractive and suitable for any open kitchen or supermarket. Its powerful oil bathed steel gear transmission with no belts or pulley to maintain guarantees a long lasting life with minimum noise and low maintenance cost. Its 1 HP motor provides fast, reliable and uniform results every time. It can process up to 28.66 lb/minute (1720 lbs/hr) on the first ground through an included 3/16" plate. Anything you feed into the equipment will come out clean and retain all its natural color and flavor.

Safety and Performance

The body and headstock have been designed with no sharp corners or seams for added safety. This grinder includes an extra-large high grade stainless steel tray (3.5"x16.5"x31") that's easy to clean, will endure years of tough use and will save you time besides preventing waste due to reduced product transfer. The KG-22-W is equipped with a permanently attached safety guard over the feeding area that ensures safety without affecting grinding capacity or performance of the grinder. Big chunks of meat can be easily and safely introduced from the side or top of the guard. For proper product handling and safety, you should always use the included stomper while operating this grinder.

Washerless Technology

This grinder eliminates the use of washers decreasing maintenance costs and assuring a consistent grinding output. The grinding system is fully and easily dismountable. Removing the headstock of your grinder is easy thanks to its release lever. This means that your cleaning process will be faster and easier at the end of your working day. The grinding parts are made of a tin-plated cast iron, making them stronger, sanitary and corrosion resistant.

Technical Information

This meat grinder comes in 110V and 60Hz frequency so you can plug it into any regular household outlet right out of the box. It also includes a 3/16" plate, a stomper and a grinding knife. The KG-22-W has been certified by ETL to comply with NSF-8, UL std 763 and CAN/CSA std C22.


Pro-Cut KG-22-W Features

  • Heavy-Duty
  • High Capacity Head
  • Gear Transmission designed for long working hours
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • 9 Gallons per minute pump capcacity
  • Designed for on-demand frequent use by butcher shops and supermarkets

Pro-Cut KG-22-W Specifications

  • 1 Hp Motor
  • 110 volt
  • 60 Hz standard