Tea-presso Machine TC-211 NSF (Freser) – MC0003 1T1C



1T1C Tea-presso machine (NSF)



Fresh Tea and Coffee in one Innovative Brewer

Tea has thousands of years of culture, but it has never been like the coffee with a brewing machine to promote successfully worldwide. The invention of the Auto TEApresso machine with standardized and commercial operation of quality fresh tea brewing will create a whole new era for tea culture.


Auto TEApresso is an advanced design, automatic brewer for making both fresh tea and coffee. Its brewing system can extract the soluble essence of all kinds of tea leaves (Chinese tea, green tea, flavor tea, etc.) with desired temperature programming within one minute that makes the enjoyable tea flavor without bitterness. There is a brewing group for making quality espresso/coffee as well. With features of easy operation and variety supply, it is the most profitable equipment for beverage stores and catering business to meet the variable demand of customers